About Dr. Harper

Stephen Harper, DDS
About Dr. Harper

Stephen Harper, DDS, is a board-certified orthodontist with more than 14 years of experience. At Harper Orthodontics in Martinez, California, Dr. Harper is proud to provide high-quality orthodontic care to children and adults. Dr. Harper’s emphasis on gentle and conservative care has earned him a reputation as a premier orthodontist in the Bay Area.

Dr. Harper earned his dental surgery doctorate at the University of Southern California School of Dentistry in Los Angeles before pursuing his orthodontic certificate from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, School of Dental Medicine. Since 2008, Dr. Harper has provided comprehensive orthodontic care to patients in Martinez.

The doctor-patient relationship is essential to Dr. Harper. He always delivers exceptional care, whether patients visit for a complimentary orthodontic consultation, Invisalign® treatment, or adult braces. Dr. Harper also understands the importance of patient education. He’s always happy to answer questions and address concerns.

At Harper Orthodontics, Dr. Harper invests in the latest orthodontic technology to deliver effective and comfortable treatment. The iTero® intraoral scanner, onsite digital X-rays, and Spectralase Diode lasers are just a few state-of-the-art devices Dr. Harper uses to perform orthodontic treatment.

Outside of his practice, Dr. Harper loves to spend time with his wife, Lexie, and their two sons, Emerson and Cade. He likes to stay active by golfing, running, and playing frisbee golf. Dr. Harper is also close with his identical twin, Dave.